lomi lomi nui (relaxing)  

Hawaiian  massage         

60mins         £45.00

90mins         £65.00

 2 hours        £90.00

The ultimate escape to relieve the stresses of every day life. This massage is designed to stimulate harmony within the body. Gentle nurturing strokes weave the body together whilst pressure point stimulation is used to support the body in letting go of tension and blockages.

Temple style Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage


60mins         £45.00

90mins         £65.00

 2 hours        £90.00

The body is our map in this deeply energising bodywork session. Tailored specifically to you this massage engages the body and accesses the areas that need attention and love. Through pressure point stimulation, tapotement, joint mobilisation, deep tissue work and rhythm this massage opens up the meridian pathways so that you are left feeling energised, renewed and relaxed. This session is much deeper and more specifically focused than the Lomi nui.

This is what I would recommend for someone seeking a sports massage or looking to alleviate a ache or pain.

Pathway to the stars

Kahuna bodywork/massage/breath work


2 hours        £90.00

Renew your energy and spirit with this deeply relaxing ceremony. We start the session with inhilations of specially hand blended essential oils. Using sacred breath and long strokes of varying intensity, rhythm and fluidity you will be taken on a journey of deep relaxation, transformation and connection. Like the ebb and flow of the sea this massage moves to the rhythm of your body, weaving over, under and mobilising the joints so that you are left feeling nourished and recharged. 

This is a massage for somebody who wants to journey within themselves and incorporates shamanic healing, Hawaiian bodywork and light healing.

This session is tailored specifically to you.

swedish massage

Traditional swedish massage. This massage is slow gentle and nurturing. Great for those wanting to relax.

60 Mins - £40.00

90 Mins -£60.00

2 hours - £80.00

neroli blossom          


 60 mins        £50.00

  90mins        £75.00

  2 hours         £100.00


This comforting and relaxing massage uses gentle pressure and is tailor made for you. Body balancing techniques are followed by tension releasing massage with the uplifting properties of Neroli. 

Are you working at a desk or on your feet all day?

30 Min Power session to alleviate and maintain performance - £25.00

Nirvana facial  



 60mins        £55.00

After brief consultation and skin analysis I can provide you with a bespoke formula to combat any skin ailment. Using organic cold pressed oils, tinctures and home grown masks, serums and balms I create your  very own signature facial. (skin consultation necessary before appointment)

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