ready to relax?

 Massage tailored just for you. 

Flickering candles, heated oils and plenty of yawns.


E'komo'mai- Welcome to your journey

I invite you on the most beautiful journey I have ever known. Journey to your essence, the core of your authentic being. I facilitate an embodied blossoming of new areas of consciousness and a deep sense of relaxation. Ready to explore a rare and ancient form of massage?

Through Hawaiian body centred therapy we can learn to let go of unhealthy patterns in the body, to release aches and pains, to regenerate our vitality from the inside out and to simply relax. Our bodies are always whispering to us, it's time to listen.

My aim is to reconnect you to your body so that you can have a deeper more loving relationship with yourself. I believe that in all of us we have a limitless self-healing capacity. All bodywork sessions are tailored specifically to you.

Experience a unique and beautiful form of massage that uses the whole body at once, gently weaving the body together using long and fluid motions.Using pressure point work, joint mobilisation and rhythm this unstructured and intuitive work will take you to your own personal paradise. Warm oils, flickering candles and a treatment made just for you.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved relaxation

  • aids sleep

  • relieves tension

  • relieves anxiety and stress

  • promotes a general sense of wellbeing 

  • supports endurance and vitality in sports and every day life

  • general wellbeing


Nine months of back pain and i'm finally free!

I can't thank you enough. It took three sessions and now I can push my pram and sit at the desk without having to take painkillers.


I wasn't sure what to expect from my first session with Sam. I came wanting a massage but left with much more. I had been struggling with self confidence issues and anxiety for a long time. I had just lost my husband and my life felt like it was ending. After three sessions I was feeling clearer. Sam is very warm and gentle and took me through the process and helped me grieve. Thank you.


I see sam once a week. I always come away feeling like I have travelled the universe. I know myself better, I feel relaxed and I have better posture.


Contact Me

I want to give you the best experience possible so I recommend calling to book your appointment so we can establish a treatment plan.

Monday- Friday


The Elysia Centre

52 Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, DY8 3RZ    |  Tel- 07522 015 961

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